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[Question #689498]: How to keep quasi-static when increase loading rate


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I'd like to speed up my triaxial compression simulation, and I use the triax script by Bruno[1].
I made some tests and found that when I increase the strain rate from, for example -0.02 to -1.0, the simulation time dramatically reduces, and there is not much difference in stress-strain relationship between the obtained results.
However,I am not sure if it satisfies the quasi-static condition when using such a high rate like -1.0. How does Yade check the quasi-static condition? I find a paper (see page 3 in [2]), it uses inertial number I=strainRate * avgParticleDiameter*sqrt(density/confining pressure) should less than 0.001 to judge the quasi-static condition,.
and I made an estimation of my simulation: I=1*0.005*sqrt(2600/100)=0.025  >0.001, Does it means that it is not reasonable to use strain rate as -1.0 for my case? How do we usually determine the strain rate?



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