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Re: [Question #689498]: How to keep quasi-static when increase loading rate


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Jérôme Duriez proposed the following answer:
> How do we usually determine the strain rate?

Pretty much like you're doing here

- running different simulations with different loading rates, and see how much it affects the results or not (and then pick the most convenient loading rate, i.e. the highest one for a test that has to travel a given strain variation)
This is kind of the brute force method, with many simulations.

- monitor https://yade-dem.org/doc/yade.utils.html#yade._utils.unbalancedForce during one simulation, and check whether it is close to the threshold value you want to keep, according to your experience. Or monitor kinetic energy (ratio over elastic energy)
This does not help defining beforehand the "correct" strain rate..

- resort to inertial number considerations. Together with a threshold
value for that number, here you should be able to define beforehand an
appropriate strain rate.

All this is (more or less superficially) discussed in DEM literature. In all cases, Yade itself does not do anything to check quasi-static condition (this kind of DEM is dynamic by nature !), it is up to the user to check it.

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