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Re: [Question #689434]: How to generate many polyhedra randomly without specific data in Potential Blocks code?


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Vasileios Angelidakis proposed the following answer:
> I found that the direction of the transformed polyhedron is different
from the original polyhedron.

Yes, this has been reported before and is probably a bug in the
calculation of the principal orientations of the PotentialBlocks. In
general, when a particle has b.state.ori=Quaternion((1,0,0),0) it should
be oriented to its principal axes and the two codes should lead to the
same result. Will have another look if I can spot this bug.

> At the same time, what should I do to remove the previous polyhedron?

This is easier :) Do not append the body in the body container (i.e. do
not use O.bodies.append() for the polyhedron). Just define its shape to
calculate its surface triangulation.

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