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Re: [Question #689547]: Few beginners questions on PFV


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Jérôme Duriez posted a new comment:
Generally speaking "(type) arg" is to read as describing the Python type
(= "type") of the expected argument "arg" to the function.

Here, it's a little more complicated with all these systematic
"(FlowEngineT)arg1". I can not explain you where they come from, but you
can forget about them when calling these functions, and just be sure
entering the other arguments.

The rest of the function signature then tells you should call getCell
with 3 float attributes that - I guess - correspond to the (X,Y,Z) of
the doc of the function, id est the point you're wondering which cells
it belongs to !

In terms of fluid-induced movements, and if you're referring to a visual
impression from YADE GUI, it's probably not a good idea to expect to
"see" things, generally speaking. Better measure them numerically to
check whether they're zero or not.

Would you visually see sand grains moving when doing a triaxial test in
the lab ? ;-)

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