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Re: [Question #689547]: Few beginners questions on PFV


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
> getCell((FlowEngineT)arg1, (float)arg2, (float)arg3, (float)pos) 
>However, what is (FlowEngineT)arg1, (float)arg2, (float)arg3, and (float)pos?

Those are the arguments for the function. The type of each argument is
in parentheses. Since this is a function and not a variable, the python
wrapping needs to pass the FlowEngine as the first argument - this is
done automagically for you. You can focus on the next three arguments.
One float for each coordinate X, Y, Z.


>The spheres should move due to the pressure.

What proof do you have that they are indeed not moving?

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