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Re: [Question #689592]: Calibrating paramters under different confining pressure


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Luc Sibille proposed the following answer:

First be sure that your model or the calibration is suitable for 
describing the soil you consider.
For instance:
- if the soil is cohesive a calibration on a single triaxial test may 
not be enough or a model without inter-particle adhesion will be useless.
- if soil particles are crushable and your model does not take that into 
account, again it is useless.

Then, calibration of the mechanical parameters of the model may not be 
enough. The initial state of the soil, and its reproduction with the 
discrete model is also very important. If the initial state is not 
simulated correctly then the model, even with calibrated mechanical 
parameters may give a wrong responses.

Finally, be sure that the experimental results have a good repeatability 
and are not to much affect by experimental "imperfections" (boundary 
conditions, strain localization, etc ...): experimental results are not 
necessarily representative of the constitutive behaviour of the soil, 
they may be far from that for different reasons.

If all the above points (and others?) are OK then you should be able to 
reproduce more or less the soil responses for different confining 
pressure with the same mechanical parameters, see for instance:
Sibille et al. (2019) Quantitative prediction of discrete element models 
oncomplex loading paths. IJNAMG


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