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Re: [Question #689676]: coordinate system, local or global


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Jan Stránský posted a new comment:

>> what do you mean by local coordinate system (there can be many of them)?
> The local system I'm referring is the system on every particle itself.

yes, local = on very particle. Still you can define whatever as LCS. W.r.t. original orientation, w.r.t. principal stress, w.r.t surrounding particles, ......
It is not relevant to this discussion any more (as the saved values are in global coordinate system), just a note..

> Here I'm thinking that the principal stresses have different principal


> so if we want to get the overall stresses for RVE, we need to
decompose the principal stresses into the global system. So I think we
need the principal directions.

no, if you want to get overall stress, just sum/average the "ordinary" stress (I assume you have it saved or access to it, because it is anyway needed to compute the principal values/directions) and do not bother with the principal values/directions at all.
(I think somewhere here is the source of the confusion)

Maybe a MWE with a few spheres could help..


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