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Re: [Question #689696]: Change contact properties


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> by loading the sample.yade.gz from phase1

one option is not saving the simulation, but only the packing.
Than you would not need to change existing instances..
Applicable if the deviatoric phase is not dependent on the history of isotropic phase (i.e. it is only dependent on the final state). Which seems to me not unlikely.

> It seems like there is not something like "setContactalhpaKr()".

yes, you are right

> I'd like to know how to change the contact parameters during the

1) change parameters of existing materials - will be applied on (only!) new interactions
2) change parameters of existing interactions
# 1)
mat = O.materials[id]
mat.whatever = anything 

# 2)
for i in I.interactions:
   phys = i.phys
   phys.whatever = anything

But be aware that you should know very well what and how to chthe ange (e.g. the value of stiffness could affect strength and so on..), if you need or (must not) touch history variables etc. etc.
If the packing-only-saving approach is suitable, it is much more preferable.


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