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Re: [Question #695154]: Polyhedra contact instability (potential Bug?)


Question #695154 on Yade changed:

Karol Brzezinski posted a new comment:
Hi Jan,

thank you for this example. This can be a good starting point for
playing with potential blocks. Right now, I am not able to run it
because my version of Yade doesn't have 'misc.py' and
'PotentialBlock2AABB()'.  If I knew it is the only problem, I would dig
into the Potential Blocks, but I want to split those polyhedra later.

Referring to the original problem of normal force direction, I think that I have a conceptual solution. I do not have any proof, it's kind of intuitive. 
In general, all the systems tend to have minimum energy. -> So the contact force should act in the direction that causes a certain force change (volume change) with minimum displacement. -> Movement should be perpendicular to 'the widest cross-section'. -> The projection of hull intersection on the sought plane (normal to the force) should give a polygon of the biggest area.

Implementing it in Yade is out of my reach, but maybe I will test it in
Python (for geometry from my example).

Best wishes,

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