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Re: [Question #695154]: Polyhedra contact instability (potential Bug?)


Question #695154 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
> Right now, I am not able to run it

I have tried Ubuntu 18.04 and yadedaily and it worked.

Concerning the biggest area polygon, I would start with some simple
"testing" 2D situations.

Consider a "ground", large enough polyhedron with xy surface.

Consider a prism coming to ground. In the beginning, The intersection is "flat square", the largest section is perpendicular to z axis, as expected.
    |             |

Consider a "needle", a very sharp pyramid or a "long" prism with z axis. Then the intersection is a subshape with z axis and the contact normal is expected to be also z axis.
But it is the direction with **least** section area..
The largest area is perpendicular to z axis..

      |  |

So it seems the biggest area polygon is not universally good..
BUT, it just a quick brainstorming, maybe there is some mistake in my assumptions or there exist some easy fix :-) 


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