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Re: [Question #695154]: Polyhedra contact instability (potential Bug?)


Question #695154 on Yade changed:

Ákos Orosz posted a new comment:
Dear all,

Vasileios directed me to this conversation, because I used Eliáš' model
in the past and he remembered once I told him that I'm using and older
Ubuntu version for this particular model since I experienced stability
issues with newer versions. This version is Ubuntu 16.04 xenial with
yadedaily (2018.02b-28948d72e6~xenial). Older Yade versions doesn't
support every utility for the polyhedral model I need and the newer ones
are unstable, as Karol described.

I've tried Karol's script and I can confirm that there's a sudden change
in contact forces in case of the newer versions (even with Yade 2018.02b
on Ubuntu 18.04). However, Ubuntu 16.04 with 2018.02b works completely
fine and the contact forces are smooth.

I also had a conversation with Jan Eliáš and he pointed out that the bug
might only be in Yade, but in CGAL as well, as the Ubuntu versions use
different versions of the library.

I hope I could help and sorry for not letting you these information sooner,

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