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Re: [Question #695475]: Scaling of Yade with the number of particles


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
Good question,

We are working on a collaboration between 5 or 6 of the other open-
source DEM codes to compare performance/"accuracy." It is an initiative
started by Thomas over at Mercury. Esys is included, so is LIGGGHTS, but
obviously, there is no PFC. I will report back to this thread when
results are in.

I guess the results should be here within the next couple of months -
as most groups have finished building the tests. You can see the tests
we are working on here [1].

Also, Bruno probably has some sound arguments for how Yade would beat
out other codes using MPI in certain conditions and at certain particle

We had some lunch chats at DEM8 in 2019 about the performance of
interaction detection. We noticed that Yade's interaction detection was
significantly faster than other open-source codes there (ours is 2% of
the compute time and theirs was maybe 10% iirc). But I also got the
sense that we sacrifice some performance elsewhere due to the extreme
flexibility we've adopted wrt combining different materials, physics,
laws, etc.

So sorry to not answer your question directly but I guess it always
comes down to: it depends.




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