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Re: [Question #695721]: c++: internal compiler error: 已杀死 (program cc1plus)


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xxxea proposed the following answer:
> make/make -j4 I tried 'make' and 'make -j4'. both didn't work. >Try to
monitor RAM usage ok I will try it. Thanks! zhanghanying
邮箱:zhanghanying@xxxxxxxxxxx 签名由 网易邮箱大师 定制 在2021年02月24日 16:45,Jan
Stránský 写道: Your question #695721 on Yade changed:
https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/695721 Jan Stránský
proposed the following answer: > I tried 10G this should be OK >
make/make -j4 what is make/make?? make -j4 runs 4 compilations at one
time, roughly using 4x more memory than one compilation. Try "plain"
make without any -j Try to monitor RAM usage cheers Jan -- If this
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