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Re: [Question #695734]: no softening behavior of cpm in tension test


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Zhoufeng Shi is still having a problem:
Hi, Jane
Thanks for your prompt response! 

>please provide the specific values

Actually I've been stuck in this for nearly a month. I've tried quite a
lot combinations like epsCrackOnset = 0.02, relductility= 1.05, 1.5, 2,
10, 50, 100, 300, 500. but from my simulation results, it seems that by
changing relductility only affect the hardening process and after peak
it always goes straight down. (Do you know how to post picture here? So
that I may share some of my simulation results)

>hardening might be because "diagonal" interactions are already in nonlinear mode (plastic sliding), but damage is not yet present.
If you are interested, try different decreased values of sigmaT.

I found sigmaT didn't have much influence in the tension test so I just
remain it untouched. I will try different values tonight to see how it
affects the results.

>Concerning calibration, have a look at [1], section 3.3

Thanks for the paper, honestly I was following this paper to do the
calibration process. The calibration of the elastic part went smoothly
but when it came to the characteristic length KnGf/ft2 which is the step
to determine the relductility, the 'too brittle' problem prevent me from
moving on.

PS: my stress-strain diagram is very similar to the [2] fig6.

[2].Scholtès, L., & Donzé, F. V. (2013). A DEM model for soft and hard
rocks: role of grain interlocking on strength. Journal of the Mechanics
and Physics of Solids, 61(2), 352-369.

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