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Re: [Question #695821]: PeriTriaxController Load


Question #695821 on Yade changed:

    Status: Needs information => Open

Johannes Welsch gave more information on the question:
Hello Jan, 
thanks for your quick response

> O.engines += [PyRunner(command='UnbalancedForce()',iterPeriod=1000)] 
I put it to PyRunner directly

> triax.maxStrainRate = (0,0,0.05) 
it was zero for no reason, I changed it to 0.05 as in z-direction

> print 'Making decision' 
gives the following output for first simulation (no savedState)

>Making decision
>Going to Phase 1
>Phase 1
>Phase 2

and gives the output for second simulation (savedState is True)
>Making decision
>Going to Phase 2
>Making decision
>Going to Phase 2
... and so on for every iteration. 
I really don't know why there seems to be nothin happening in Phase 2.

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