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Re: [Question #695734]: no softening behavior of cpm in tension test


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> crack (bond broken) only happened
> crack should start earlier
> the crack number is 0
> ...

depends very much on the definition of "crack".
For omegaThreshold=1, there is no real crack, because no interaction is deleted, but some of them has already no (or negligible) strength. You can try "one interaction" tension test for some values of omegaThreshold to see the effect. For 0.9, the interaction is (I think) deleted shortly after the peak, resulting in very brittle behavior.
On the other hand, there should be a zone with very localized strain, which can be represented as a crack (even no interation is really cracked).

What you can try:
- play with model parameters
- play with parameter randomization
- use another material model
- ...

> in ... PFC simulation

Do you know the material model used? How is it different from Yade CPM?
Maybe it is a better choice for this scenario.

There is also a possibility that CPM is simply not suitable for your scenario.


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