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Re: [Question #696047]: calculation of flexural stress in 2D condition


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> both force and displacement in the out-of -plane direction has been

This is not possible. In all mechanics, you know/prescribe/restrict exactly one quantity of the couple force/displacement (or some related quantity, like stress/strain). The other quantity is unknown and as such cannot be restricted. Of course it can be computed, but is result of the system.
In plane stress, you know the out-of-plane stress is zero, but you cannot say anything about out-of-plane strain.
In plane strain, you know the out-of-plane strain is zero, but you cannot say anything about out-of-plane stress.

>  If so, then what would be the thickness of the model? is it the
average diameter of the particle?

sounds reasonable

> or is there no thickness at all because it is 2D simulation

this is another approach. Then your model is "per unit thickness".
So for transfer model -> experiment, multiply your model data y real beam thickness.
Or for experiment -> model, divide real data by beam thickness

> the peak flexural stress obtained directly from particles are over two
times larger than that of formula. I am really confused where this
difference come from if both methods are good enough.

Have you done the "porosity correction" for bodyStressTensors [1]?


[1] https://yade-

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