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Re: [Question #696047]: calculation of flexural stress in 2D condition


Question #696047 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> I am a bit unclear why there can be other approaches for the transfer

it is a model. For the same real situation, you can have many different

> I mean the thickness of the model must be either 0 or some specific
value(eg. the average diameter). So the unit of the force I obtained
from the simulation is Newton per unit thickness or just newton?

For real thickness, you get real forces, Newtons.
For "zero" thickness (I would not call the thickness zero, but rather something like planar or 2D case, since the thickness is not zero, it is just not important for the solution itself), you get force per unit thickness, Newton per unit thickness.

> But after adding the porosity which is 1-(area of the all particles/ sample area) in 2D
> the porosity is only around 0.2

"area" porosity, or "volume" porosity?
As I mentioned, bodyStressTensors are for 3D, are used (and assumes working with) with volumes, not areas.
If you have significant differences, in particle sizes, "area" correction is wrong, since the particle "volume" and "area" are not proportional.
Maybe you can use the same math theory, only adjusted to the 2D case.

For (almost) static case, the "stress" approach should fit well with the

Anyway, I think we came to the place, where a MWE [2] is needed for reasonable continuation.
If you prepare a code, please focus on the "M=minimal" part (both from code size and running time point of view)


[2] https://www.yade-dem.org/wiki/Howtoask

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