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Re: [Question #695558]: Dynamics of pfacet object does not appear to be correct


Question #695558 on Yade changed:

Bruno Chareyre posted a new comment:
Very interesting. I'm unsure where to improve that in source code though.
Mass-inertia assignements are done mainly in some python helper function. As you found out you can always overwrite what they give (fortunately).

I would have to check again in details to explain precisely what you
found but for sure it happens in one/some of these functions. Having
assymetric mass with symmetric geometry is not a nice behaviour
obviously. And we should improve.

Clumping is also something which uses python wrappers to update mass-
inertia of the produced clump. I realize it will count the mass of
cylinders whereas when it's not clumped mass of cylinders doesn't
matter. So the total mass probably isn't the same before and after
clumping (except when setting their mass to zero first as you suggest).

But still, if the shape is symmetric the mass of the cylinders should be
symmetric too, so there is something to improve.


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