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Re: [Question #697600]: Contact (dilation) angle between particles


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Jan Stránský requested more information:

> I hope this is clear for you.

No, sorry, the question is very (and actually more and more) confusing..

How is "contact angle using here means dilation angle (ψ)" from #2
related to "the contact angle described here" from #3?

The #3 definition is really an angle (or vector in 3D) of the
interaction. You have many interactions, access to the data, you can
easily do whatever with the data, e.g. output a distribution.

The #2 definition is some macroscopic dimensionless quantity which is
called angle "by chance" because the value can be interpreted as an
angle in a graph. (similarly to the friction angle).

AFAIK ψ is a ratio of volumetric strain and shear strain.
How would you / do you want to define it for one contact / region (to make a distribution)?

>  if there are two particles of the same size ...

any difference from the case of different size?

> ... horizontal ... would be 90 degrees. ... right on top of the other
one ... would be 0 degrees.

How is this clear purely geometric meaning related to dilation angle (ψ)
(volumetric strain / shear strain)?

Please make clear what you want.


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