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[Question #697783]: BoxFactory for creating spheres on periodic conditions


New question #697783 on Yade:


I recently added periodic boundaries to my simulation, in which I have a granular flow on an inclined plane. For this reason I have a reservoir that is  filled with spheres so my incoming flow is steady. Previously I used the following boxfactory command on the engines to generate spheres as observed here:


Yet I obtain the following error:
In [1]: <FATAL ERROR> ThreadRunner:35 void yade::ThreadRunner::run(): Exception occured: 
InsertionSortCollider::probeBoundingVolume: handling periodic boundary not implemented.

I skipped this problem by creating a function that checks if the reservoir is getting empty every few steps, if it's empty I would manually add more. However, since I need to ensure a constant flow I need to add a huge quantity of spheres(Otherwise this would influence the results), making the script very inefficient. 

Based on this, does an alternative to this command exists that could work in periodic conditions? 
Thank you very much in advance for any help or suggestions that could exist! 

If it helps, I assume my current version of yadedaily wouldn't be a problem. This is my version as for the startup message:
Welcome to Yade 20210306-5036~03fcf2d~focal1 
Using python version: 3.8.5 (default, May 27 2021, 13:30:53) 

Since the error message involves "insertionSortcollider" here's my engines setup:

#  handle sphere+sphere and box+sphere collisions
   NewtonIntegrator(gravity=(g*sin(slope),0,-g*cos(slope)), damping=0), 

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