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Re: [Question #698314]: how to use class yade.wrapper.StepDisplacer((object)arg1)


Question #698314 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský requested more information:

> I want to get as output (text or excel):

In Python, direct excel output is possible. But text output is much much
easier to do and if is is a "table", excel should load such file without

> If particles ... are moved, printing their positions continuous.
> I want to have just position of moved particles.

What does "printing" mean?
What does "(positions) continuous" mean?
What does "moved (particles)" mean? Moved from the beginning of simulation? From last output? ... ? Changed position? Or also orientation? ... ?

Please be more specific what and why you want.

> How I can get this aim?
> but I do not know how write code for : if particles moved .....

depends on definition of "moved" (see above) and actual purpose (which
is not clear)

> Because of having too many particles and then positions ...

Why is the amount a problem? 3000 does not sound as too many..

> StepDisplacer

StepDisplacer has different purpose. According to docs [1], it "applies


[1] https://yade-

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