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Re: [Question #698314]: how to use class yade.wrapper.StepDisplacer((object)arg1)


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Mahdeyeh gave more information on the question:
Thanks Jan

> What does "printing" mean?
I mean having their position as output.

>  What does "moved (particles)" mean? Moved from the beginning of simulation? From last output? ... ? Changed position? Or also orientation? ... ?
I mean changed position or orientation.

> Why is the amount a problem? 3000 does not sound as too many..
Maybe because of my computer.

>  According to docs [1], it "applies displacement".
Any example for this? please..

I want write a code that says: if particles moved from ex-position so give their id and new position of everyone. 
Because I want to draw shape`s moving of every particle in plot or diagram. And at the end, achieve to shape`s moving of hole body.

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