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Re: [Question #698303]: packing porosity for heat capacity scaling according to desired porosity of material


Question #698303 on Yade changed:

Robert Caulk posted a new comment:

I ran your script and I see that triax.porosity is 0.44 before the
porosity while-loop is started. Thus, this line:

while triax.porosity>targetPorosity:

is never satisified, since your targetPorosity is 0.45. This is why I
asked you if you have tried decreasing your targetPorosity. When I
decrease the targetPorosity, the while loop logic is satisifed and the
script enters the porosity loop. This is demonstrated by the print
statement inside the while-loop.

However, you still have an issue with the bonds being cohesive *before*
you have done your confining pressure and porosity loops. Cohesive bonds
hold the particles in place, which means you cannot decrease porosity of
the packing. We solved this before by running the confining pressure and
porosity loops without cohesion to reach a desired confining pressure
and porosity, we then exported the sphere packing to text file. That
text file can then be reused and imported into other scripts where you
can set the cohesion on the first iteration and then run the confining
pressure loop yet again to reach your desired confining pressure. This
second file does not need the porosity while-loop since your packing
should already have the targetPorosity achieved from the first file.



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