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Re: [Question #698253]: Access to body material properties


Question #698253 on Yade changed:

Jan Stránský posted a new comment:
> Regarding the integration, I want to sum all of the temperature
increments which are derived from the interactions between spheres.
Because I began my journey with Yade I used NewtonIntegrator to do this.

Does your new computation directly influences the integration - position and velocity update?
If no, then (in the case of "clean" code) NewtonIntegrator is a bad place for such code.

Seems like even PyRunner could do the computation.
If yes, but you need the C++ efficiency (compared to pure python), then a dedicated engine is IMO a good solution (for the "clean code case").

> I want to write my thesis as soon as possible, so maybe I do "the
cleaning" after that :)

very reasonable approach :-)

> Can we stay in touch?



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