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Re: [Question #698314]: how to use class yade.wrapper.StepDisplacer((object)arg1)


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Mahdeyeh gave more information on the question:
Thank you for example .

> Moved from the beginning of simulation? From last output? ... ?
both of them! Moved from the beginning of simulation and also From last output.

> What is "plot or diagram"? How should it look? Picture of deformed shape? Some polar diagram of displacements? ... ?
I want = Some polar diagram of displacements.

> What is "every particle"? individual particles? only clumps?
Only clumps.

> What is "whole body"?
all of clumps. All 3000 clumps in model.

> Do you have some examples to share?
I do not know how to share one image.

> Are you aware of tools like Paraview?
> Is regular exporting of the simulation into paraview and then visualizing it in Paraview what you want? Why not?
yes, I use Paraview but I did n`t check this item ( Some polar diagram of displacements) in it.

Thanks for your time
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