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Re: [Question #698314]: how to use class yade.wrapper.StepDisplacer((object)arg1)


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
Thanks, now it starts to take some shapes :-)

> I do not know how to share one image.

not ideal, but you can put the image on the internet (dropbox, google
drive, ...) and share a link

It definitely is possible to output position / displacement of only clumps that had moved.
You have to store "last" positions in an array / dictionary, compare the current positions, identify which clumps had moved and output only those.
However, it seems to me complicated to do the output (compared to the proposal below), potentially introducing some bug / error.
Moreover, the partial data may be source of further complications in the postprocessing stage and the reconstruction may not be trivial.

I would always output position/displacement of all clumps.
The output is one / a few lines of code.
Once having the data, you can always easily do differences between any times (from beginning, from last output, ...)
Or do I miss something?


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