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Re: [Question #698365]: non zero incident velocity on sticking contact


Question #698365 on Yade changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Jan Stránský requested more information:

please read [1] and provide more information and a MWE.

> I get ... even for non sliding
> ... get ... for sticking contacts

How exactly do you define "non sliding" and "sticking"?
How do you know that a contact is "even non sliding"?

> Why is that the case ...

Difficult to tell without more info (MWE).

> how can I get the 'correct' relative velocity at the contact

How do you define "correct relative velocity at the contact"?
How does it differ from the incidentVel approach?

> close to zero

How you define "close"?


[1] https://www.yade-dem.org/wiki/Howtoask

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