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Re: [Question #698464]: asphalt mixture model, contact, code


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> I am learning how to build a triaxial test model of asphalt mixture

Have you tried Yade triaxial examples? If yes, which? Did you have any
problem with the "standard default" materials?

> But I know nothing about using Python code to build asphalt mixture
model. I don't know how to write code to fill the gap between aggregates
and aggregates using asphalt mortar (mixtures with asphalt and aggregate
(<2.36 mm) ), and I don't know how to code the contact between
aggregates and aggregate, mortar and mortar.

The code is a secondary problem.
First you have to know, what you want to simulate.
For aggregate-binder modeling, there are a few approaches.
E.g. you can have DEM particles as aggregates and the binder is simulated by the interactions.
Or you have large DEM particles as aggregates and smaller particles simulating binder.
Or aggregates can be modeled as a set of many small DEM particles.
Or ...

For each phase, you can have different material models or you can have
the same model just with different parameters.


> I hope to get matetial model code to learn. I would appreciate it if I
could get the code.

For material, again, the code is a secondary problem.
First you need equations. Specifically what force should result from given contact geometry.

If you are interested in the source code, have a look e.g. at the
"classical" widely used FrictMat, FrictPhys,
Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_FrictPhys, Law2_ScGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack
stack: [2,3,4] and corresponding implementation in .cpp files


[2] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/blob/master/pkg/common/ElastMat.hpp#L23
[3] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/blob/master/pkg/dem/FrictPhys.hpp#L17
[4] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/blob/master/pkg/dem/FrictPhys.hpp#L60
[5] https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/-/blob/master/pkg/dem/ElasticContactLaw.hpp#L18

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