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Re: [Question #698533]: about the THM coupling


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Robert Caulk proposed the following answer:
Hello Ziyu,

Welcome to yade and we are really happy to help you with any questions
to may have. However, let's take a moment to start in the right
direction. These are our question guidelines [1] - if you are able to
adhere to these then I promise you will find a lot of quick help/advice
in this forum.

That link I sent you asks users to keep 1 question to each thread. Here
you apparently have 3 questions. I will answer them all here but in the
future, please take time to review [1] and do your best to provide the
proper infor.

1) You can find more description of each parameter here [2] and of
course looking into the source code is the best way to understand what a
parameter is doing [3]. Again if you have a question about an individual
functionality of the code - please pose a new thread on that individual
functionality. It doesn;t make sense for me to start explaining all the
parameters of flowengine here before you even pose your existing
understanding of them.

2) Yes, you would add ThermalEngine and FlowEngine to JCFPM if you want
to study THM on a fractured rock.

3) Paper [4]. Examples [5].




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