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Re: [Question #698566]: Confused by identificationSpheresOnJoint.py


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Luc Scholtès proposed the following answer:

I'll try to answer even though I wrote this code almost 10 years ago:

1. I think there was a rule (in YADE collider) which defined facet-
sphere interactions such as body1 is always the facet and body2 always
the sphere. See for instance:
https://answers.launchpad.net/yade/+question/690010. You may want to
doublecheck if this rule is still effective.

2a. I arbitrarily decided that each particle would, at the maximum,
belong to 3 discontinuities at the same time. I believe this is quite
reasonable when you consider a fractured rock mass but you can, if you
want, change that number (it might complexify the numerical treatment

2b. I could not find the word "surface" in the script so I cannot answer
your concern about it.

3. The cross product of parallel vectors is a zero vector whose norm is
(strictly) equal to 0. Testing the norm of the cross product thus
enables to discriminate between different/non parallel joint surfaces:
if the norm of the cross product of their respective normals is not
equal to 0, then the joint surfaces are different/non parallel. The 0.05
I introduced was a way to take into account some sort of error/margin in
the joint surfaces orientation and to avoid the definition of 2
different joint planes for sub-parallel surfaces. This was, again, an
arbitrary choice from myself si you can, if you want, modify that part
of the code.

I hope it helps.


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