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Re: [Question #698566]: Confused by identificationSpheresOnJoint.py


Question #698566 on Yade changed:

Ziyu Wang posted a new comment:
Thanks Luc,I'm glad you can answer my question.But I'm still a little

>2b. I could not find the word "surface" in the script so I cannot
answer your concern about it.

I found the 'plane' and surface in the help document[1] as follows:
joint:Indicates the number of joint surfaces to which the particle belongs;
jointNormal1:Specifies the normal direction to the joint plane 1.
Is there any difference between the two words here?

And I found a new problem about it:   ###O.bodies[i.id2].state.jointNormal1=nRef###
nRef represents the normal direction of the facet.Then the meaning of the above code is to set jointnormal1 as the normal direction of the facet.Can I understand joint plane 1 as facet face?If so, which plane is joint plane 2 and 3?I'm very confused.

>The cross product of parallel vectors is a zero vector whose norm is (strictly) equal to 0...
After your answer, I suddenly enlightened.But must one of jointNormal1,2,3 be parallel to nRef?

###if O.bodies.state.joint==1....
By the way,I suddenly found that I didn't quite understand why you put joint + 1 in the judgment statement,what is the purpose?

It seems that I have too many questions...Thank you again for your help!


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