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Re: [Question #698672]: running on a server is slower than on a PC


Question #698672 on Yade changed:

Mahdeyeh posted a new comment:
> What does the "% of CPU" mean? how you get it?
with command "top" in terminal.

>  - where is it located? unknown cloud, your office, your institute lab, ...?
I rented it from another university.

 > who have access to it? only you? people you know? anybody? ... ?
I use it with password and AnyDesk. Just me use it.

>   Is it possible that while you are running jobs, the server is already "full", using all cores for other jobs?
No and Before starting run, I check it with "top" command.

> how do you run the jobs? directly using command line? using some queuing system? ... ?
with AnyDesk, I connected to their system. I type in terminal: "yade -j8 test.py"

> do you use a GUI or just command line?

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