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Re: [Question #698794]: Invisible data point in paraview


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Yimsk confirmed that the question is solved:
Dear. Jan

Thank you for your kind answer.

Description of this DEM simulation is:

1. The random sphere pack was generated
2. Some particle was replaced to clump particle
3. Replaced clump pack was deposited on the base plate through the hole by gravitational force (hall-flow test)

In this simulation, the visualized point data from the recorded VTK file was visible up to time step 2 in the Paraview, while it was suddenly disappeared in time step 3. 
Based on your suggestion, I revised some clump particle information, and this problem was solved.
I suspected that invisible point data in ParaView could be due to heavy clump particles consisted many spheres particles.

Thank you for your kind answer again.

Best regards,


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