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[Question #699070]: Effect of particle size on noise in the results


New question #699070 on Yade:

Hi all,

I am new to DEM and I have very little experience with YADE and DEM. My question is more of a DEM nature rather than YADE. I hope someone would be able to provide some advise.

I am simulating MBD-DEM ( movement of a bucket into a stockpile)  and I noticed that when I use large particle sizes (300-400mm) the results are noisy. I was advised to repeat the simulations by slightly shifting the bucket to right and left to evaluate the error and the error was huge (around 40% error compared to the simulations with initial location of the bucket). 

I am not sure what could be the source of such error. If it is an issue with DEM then how someone possibly could simulate the large particles using DEM.

I appreciate any advise or resources in advance. 


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