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Re: [Question #698948]: Stability of advection modeling by ThermalEngine


Question #698948 on Yade changed:

Zoheir Khademian posted a new comment:
Hi Robert,

I updated my Yade version to yade-2021.01a and tried the  script above
with rMean=0.001. The particle temperature still goes up to 1000 K after
20000 iterations. I even tried the script on other machines but got the
same results.  Please note that with rMean=0.0015, the temp range is OK
(under 45 K) but once I change the mean size to rMean=0.001, the
particle temperature exceeds the boundary temp and goes to 1000 K.

Would you be able to try this one more time with rMean=0.001 on your
machine? I would really appreciate your help


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