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[Question #699072]: About the examples/ThermalEngine


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Dear all,
As discussed in [1],I have installed the Source code and use the yade-2021-03-16.git-61c9069.I ran the script in example/thermalengine and found some new problems after my changes.
The thermoHydroMechanical_coupling.py and flowScenario.py can run as expected.The problem is mainly in noFlowScenario.py.
1.When I run the original script (unchanged), the problem is the same as before: plot is blank and body.State.Temp = Nan.
2.My changes to the script are as follows:

>>#sp = O.bodies.append(ymport.textExt('5cmEdge_1mm.spheres', 'x_y_z_r',color=(0.1,0.1,0.9), material='spheres'))
sp.toSimulation(color=(0.752, 0.752, 0.752),material='spheres')
(That is, change the way the sphere is generated,this is the only change)

Then I ran the script again and was surprised to find that the simulation ran successfully as expected.
However,I changed the num in makeCloud and found the bad thing:when the num=300,the problem mentioned above reappears:plot is blank and body.State.Temp = Nan...
I also tried using randomDensePack,and the problem is the same.
So I guess the problem has something to do with the number of spheres?
Thanks for your help!

Best regards.


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