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Re: [Question #699135]: How to reduce average particle velocity of a packing


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Leonard is still having a problem:
Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply.

>>Why do you want to reduce average particle velocity?
I want to make an attempt to look at the wave propagation on a sand packing, by modelling bender element test. I.e., a part of particles are treated as the transducer (whose velocity is controlled by the input signal), and a part of particles are treated as receiver (whose velocity are monitored during the process). 

As it is generally mentioned, for instance see section 3.2 in [1] and
section 2.2 in [2], the input amplitude velocity is a small value (e.g.,
1e-3 m/s) which preserves a very small strain regime, reducing average
particle velocity allows us investigating the wave propagation with less
effect from the original velocity of particles. Thereby, before the wave
propagation test,a relaxation stage was conducted to remove kinetic
energy of particles and hold the stress state stably.

>>b.state.vel *= someFactor # possibly 0
Yes, if I understand correctly, using this way can fully control the velocity of particles, but the velocity of these particles will not be affected (i.e., the velocity is unchanged), which is not suitable for the case I described above.

Do you have any ideas to remove kinetic energy/ reduce velocity of



[1]Tang, X., and J. Yang. "Wave propagation in granular material: What is the role of particle shape?." Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 157 (2021): 104605.

[2]Li, Yang, Masahide Otsubo, and Reiko Kuwano. "DEM analysis on the
stress wave response of spherical particle assemblies under triaxial
compression." Computers and Geotechnics 133 (2021): 104043.

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