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Re: [Question #699135]: How to reduce average particle velocity of a packing


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
>>b.state.vel *= someFactor # possibly 0
> Yes, if I understand correctly, using this way can fully control the velocity of particles


> but the velocity of these particles will not be affected (i.e., the
velocity is unchanged), which is not suitable for the case I described

this I do not understand.
You can set particle velocities to whatever value.
You can also set selectively velocities according to different rules based on different regions/groups of particles.

> Do you have any ideas to remove kinetic energy/ reduce velocity of

you can remove kinetic energy by:
- reducing mass
- reducing velocity

as discussed above, you can set velocities to whatever values.
Since you want to preserve interactions, i.e. you want no running, I see no other option than modifying state.vel


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