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Re: [Question #699705]: Empirical value of rolling stiffness (Krot)


Question #699705 on Yade changed:

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Karol Brzezinski proposed the following answer:

check out those papers:

Kozicki, J., & Tejchman, J. (2011). Numerical simulations of sand
behaviour using DEM with two different descriptions of grain roughness.
In PARTICLES II: proceedings of the II International Conference on
Particle-Based Methods: fundamentals and applications (pp. 62-71). CIMNE

Hosn, R. A., Sibille, L., Benahmed, N., & Chareyre, B. (2017). Discrete
numerical modeling of loose soil with spherical particles and
interparticle rolling friction. Granular matter, 19(1), 1-12.


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