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Re: [Question #699705]: Empirical value of rolling stiffness (Krot)


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Zhicheng Gao is still having a problem:
Dear Karol,

I have read the papers you recommended. In my opinion, the second paper
analyzes the parameters of the  Ip2_CohFrictMat_CohFrictMat_CohFrictPhys
where the rolling stiffness is determined by ks*αr *R1*R2, so we specify
the rolling stiffness by setting the dimensionless rolling stiffness
'alphaKr' which refers to αr.

My question is whether Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinPhys and
Ip2_CohFrictMat_CohFrictMat_CohFrictPhys use the same rolling resistance
model. In Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinPhys, there is no dimensionless
rolling stiffness parameter 'alphaKr' but only rotational stiffness for
moment contact law 'krot'. Is 'krot' equal to ks*αr *R1*R2 ?


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