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[Question #699902]: Project the hydraulic coupler


New question #699902 on Yade:

I would like to model a hydraulic coupler which uses hydraulic oil. I have already developed a 3D model of thé coupler on AUTODESK INVENTOR PROFESSIONAL 2021. Only i have trouble mastering the YADE DEM software which uses the discrete elements method.
The coupler is made up of two main parts: a pump wheel and a turbine wheel, both in a body covered by two covers
the operating principle is simple, the pump impeller is driven by the electric motor, the return impeller transmits the mechanical rotational energy to the hydraulic fluid, the hydraulic fluid also having the kinetic energy coming from the pump impeller, transmits it to the turbine wheel and thus the turbine wheel is integral with the receiver.
the hydraulic coupler are generally used in hydrometallurgical plants for driving mills. their advantages that they absorb shocks when starting the crushers.
Can anyone have a solution for my case?

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