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Re: [Question #699937]: Change 3D inertia to 2D/1D inertia


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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> So the particle only moves in z-direction

It seems like the job for blocking x and y degrees of freedom [1].
b.state.blockedDOFs = "xy" # x and y directions are fixed*, motion allowed only in z direction

Also, if you are interested in movement, inertia is not of much interest, it is only used for computation of angular velocity and related quantities.
Position is related to mass.

> In this example they change 3D inertia to 2D inertia by using
following code

I would also go the [1] way, using
b.state.blockedDOFs = "XY" # rotation along x and y axis is fixed*, only rotation along z axis is allowed

The code just proportionally multiplied all the inertia components, so in fact it does not change anytinh to 2D.
The "2D" is not the result of this inertia code, but rather from the simulation setup itself (all bodies and load is only in xy plane).

* "fixed" means that the (angular) velocity component is not influenced by interactions with other particles.
If the (angular) velocity component is 0 at the time of fixing, it remains 0.
However, if it has a non-zero value, it remains this non-zero value (hence fixed), but not necessarily the particle itself is "fixed" in the non-moving sense.


[1] https://yade-

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