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[Question #700143]: Uniaxial compression calibration parameters are not applicable to triaxial compression


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I simulated a deep granite sample with a peak stress of about 120MPa and a peak strain of about 0.015.
After a lot of debugging, I selected a set of the most appropriate parameters and obtained the uniaxial compression stress-strain curve consistent with the test.
However, when I use the same parameters for triaxial compression simulation, I find that the parameters are not applicable. The problems are as follows:
The triaxial compression simulation step is to apply 10MPa confining pressure to achieve equilibrium, and then apply a certain axial strain rate.The termination condition I set is that the axial strain reaches 0.03(I think is enough..).
However,I found that the stress is only about 20MPa and the stress-strain curve keeps a linear rise...

How should I adjust the parameters?I think the ideal result should be that the stress reaches more than 100MPa and the stress-strain curve decreases significantly when the strain reaches about 0.015.

Thanks for help!

My parameters:

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