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Re: [Question #700199]: Surface area and overlap


Question #700199 on Yade changed:

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Karol Brzezinski proposed the following answer:

you can iterate over interactions and find read penetration depth. Based
on this, you can compute overlapping volume manually. Please note it is
not a ready-for-use code, but just schematic pseudocode:

totalOverlapVolume = 0

for ii in O.interactions: #iterate over all the interactions
    b1 = O.bodies[ii.id1]
    b2 = O.bodies[ii.id2]
    penetrationDepth = ii.geom.penetrationDepth # Should work for Mindlin law. You can inspect interactions manually to find out whether .penetrationDepth is a right property to read.
    overlapVolume = yourFunctionComputingOverlap(b1,b2,penetrationDepth)
    totalOverlapVolume += overlapVolume

yourFunctionComputingOverlap() should check the shape of the particles b1 and b2 (whether it is a sphere, wall, wall, etc), extract some shape properties (e.g. radii) and compute volume based on geometrical relationships.

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