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Re: [Question #700165]: Functions in FEM-DEM


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Nima Goudarzi is still having a problem:
Hi and thanks Jan,

Indeed, I'm using [1]. However, I didn't include other dependencies including oofem file in my previous posts. 
The pure DEM (with moving wheel as facet) works by YADE executable. And yes, my FEM-DEM uses Python purely which might be the source of the issue. 

My python is 2.7 and my Ubuntu 18.04 since I kept everything old for
being able to install FEM-DEM after struggling a lot for installation on
Ubuntu 20.04 with no avails. This is my other question: Can FEM-DEM be
installed on Ubunto 20.04 with newer versions of Python?

Thanks for your proposed solution. I'll give it a try. My question here is: Can I use __builtin__.someFunction inside engines when I implement the Pyrunner. For example, does this work?
import __builtin__
 PyRunner(iterPeriod=1, command="__builtin__.WheelPenetration()" ,label='checker')

or do I need to declare it somewhere else?

Thanks so much

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