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Re: [Question #700165]: Functions in FEM-DEM


Question #700165 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:
> This is my other question: Can FEM-DEM be installed on Ubunto 20.04
with newer versions of Python?

IMO Ubuntu itself should not be a problem, but Python needs to be version 2 (as the versions of Yade and Oofem used uses only Python 2)
You can open an issue on the project sites if you have some terminal outputs e.g.

theoretically it is possible, but I do not have time for the update :-)
It would need new version of both Yade and Oofem, selecting a specific versions, create the patches to make it work together, .......

> Can I use __builtin__.someFunction inside engines when I implement the Pyrunner. For example, does this work?
> import __builtin__
>  PyRunner(iterPeriod=1, command="__builtin__.WheelPenetration()" ,label='checker')
> or do I need to declare it somewhere else?

Yes. But putting it into __builtin__, also this should work (not tested) without specifying __builtin__ explicitly:
PyRunner(iterPeriod=1, command="WheelPenetration()" ,label='checker')


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