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Re: [Question #705740]: GlobalStiffnessTimestepper gives dt of 0.0 when the saved file is restored


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JINSUN LEE is still having a problem:
Thank you for your interest,

The first reason why I use O.save/O.load is to plan parametric study which is designed to find the effect of confining pressure, stress path and loading cycles(frequency, amplitude etc.) for the identical sphere sample.
Also, It is time consuming process to generate sphere sample by using pluviation process in DEM code when the number of particle exceed 10k.

The second reason is to see "what is going on?" during the simulation. If I use O.wait() then the graphical interface becomes to black

The last reason is trivial, because I got used to handle PFC code :)


DOF of the body "-1" is only allowed to move in "Z" direction. Because,
the script is intended to apply overburden pressure using the mass of
the top plate (facets). If DOF of the other directions "X" and "Y" is
unblocked, the top plate will rotate or translate when it touches the

I was tried to use "ServoPIDController" but, it cannot keep pressure
acting on "Z" direction when the top plate is subjected to translational
sinusoidal motions in "Y" direction which is required to simulate cyclic
simple shear test.


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