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Re: [Question #707124]: Error in contact with various shapes of particles with multiple materials


Question #707124 on Yade changed:

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Jan Stránský proposed the following answer:

> ubantu 16.04 system

Try not to make needless typos.

As the error says, Yade does not know how to deal with PolyhedraGeom and FrictPhys.
Currently such combination is not implemented.

Several options:
1) implement the missing functionality
2) adjust the settings such that the non-existent combination does not occur

concerning option 2), investigate the problematic interaction, the shapes and materials.
According to the script, it should not be "sphere + polyhedra", as this combination should create ScGeom, not PolyhedraGeom (according to Ig2_Sphere_Polyhedra_ScGeom).

> Ig2_Polyhedra_Polyhedra_PolyhedraGeom()
> Ig2_Polyhedra_Polyhedra_ScGeom()

choose one or the other, not both

> Ip2_FrictMat_PolyhedraMat_FrictPhys()

PolhedraMat is derived from FrictMat, so this case should be ok with


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