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Re: [Question #707124]: Error in contact with various shapes of particles with multiple materials


Question #707124 on Yade changed:

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Xue is still having a problem:
Hello jan!
I rechecked the shape of the two particles in the above interaction. As you expected, the contact is not a combination of spherical particles + polyhedral particles.
The above model is a coupling model built with oofem and yade, the id=3841 in the error report exceeds the number of particles I imported via yade, so I deduce that this should be a transformed unit (facet?) on the coupling interface. Therefore, the contact type should be polyhedral particles + transformed unit from FEM.
However, I did not figure out where the contact parameters of the interface unit are defined when it is involved in the contact force calculation (in DEM)? Besides, the above reported error only appears when I defined FrictMat in the script. When I define only PolyhedraMat and use only the following engine, the problem did not occur.

O.engines =[

I apologize for providing wrong information.

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